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Innovative X-Stand™

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Experience the Innovative X-Stand!

Repairs, painting, and storage. No stand does more. Perfect for door skin replacement.

More than your average body panel scissor stand

Innovative X-Stand™

Unprecedented mobility and versatility for your collision services auto body shop.

More than a typical scissor stand, this flexible stand is suitable for any car repair, paint or storage job, including jobs involving glass. It can be adjusted vertically or horizontally to accommodate technicians of varying heights. The Innovative X-Stand is also perfect for door repair because it can accommodate panels of any width and size.

The support arms have extensive padding which provides reliable protection for panels during the repair process.

The industrial-grade caster wheels allow the stand to be easily moved throughout your body shop.

The wheels also lock to prevent movement when needed.

This stand features a durable powder-coat finish.


Auto Body Scissor Stand Product Specs

  • Total flexibility; fits any repair, paint, or storage job – including glass
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustability
  • Creates a comfortable work level for techs from tall to small
  • Accommodates panels of any width and size, perfect for door repair
  • Four industrial grade, total lock caster wheels for mobility; zero movement when locked
  • Powder-coat finish
  • 30″W x 28″D x 37″H
  • Support arms adjustment: 14″W – 30″W & 37″H – 44″H
  • 42 lbs.

Usage Recommendations

Innovative Tools recommends one X-Stand for every technician on your team.

Auto Body Scissor Stand Product Videos

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