Innovative Door Jack™

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This Door Jack saves you time and money by enabling a single auto body technician to safely handle jobs involving big bumpers and doors.

The most versatile auto body tool for lifting doors in the collision services industry.

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Now One Tech Can Do the Work of Two

Innovative Door Jack™

Now only one tech is needed to handle heavy truck bumpers and doors.

There are many adjustment options that technicians have when working with the Innovative Door Jack. The Door Jack features the industry’s only 8-inch front-to-back tilting adjustment, allowing for maximum positioning options. The Door Jack can also be adjusted from 7 inches to 32 inches from the floor, meeting the demands of any sized job.

The Innovative Door Jack has a wide stance for added stability and total-lock caster wheels that prevent any movement when locked. Its strong, rubber-padded metal supports also eliminate door and bumper damage by preventing metal-to-metal contact.

This Door Jack has a durable powder-coat finish that will look great in your shop for years.


Auto Body Door Jack Product Specs


  • Now one tech can handle big bumpers and doors alone
  • Ample padding, no metal-on-metal contact, no damage
  • Industry’s only 8” front-to-back tilting adjustment
  • Side-to-side tilt adjustment for easier part removal & installation
  • Wide stance for added stability
  • Four industrial grade, easy-glide total-lock caster wheels; zero movement when locked
  • Adjusts from 7″ to 32″ from the floor
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • 24″L x 30″W
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Product Weight 63 lbs.

Usage Recommendations

One Innovative Door Jack will be all most auto body repair shops need.  Larger shops may benefit from additional units.

Auto Body Door Jack Product Videos

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Positioning doors & bumpers is no big trick.

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