Innovative Magnetic Multiple Spray Gun Holder™

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Whether in the mixing room or the spray booth, these magnetic holders keep your workspace organized and efficient.

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Will Not Scratch Booth Walls

Innovative Magnetic Multiple Spray Gun Holder™

Discover the ultimate solution for organizing your spray guns with Innovative Tools’ Magnetic Spray Gun Holders.

Designed for both the mixing room and spray booth, these holders offer robust, versatile storage for your tools.

Mixing Room Model:

  • Wall-mount design, bolts securely
  • Rubber-coated for protection
  • Accommodates 7 guns without cups, or 4 with cups

Spray Booth Model:

  • Features two elongated, rubber-coated magnets
  • Embedded with rare earth magnets for exceptional strength
  • Supports up to 20 pounds with sheer force, ensuring stability
  • Ideal for multiple jobs, holds four cups securely

Single Cup Holder:

  • Equipped with powerful rare earth magnets
  • Rubber-coated for durability and grip
  • Easy removal by rocking to the side

Each holder is crafted for convenience and safety, ensuring your spray guns are always within reach and securely stored.


Multiple Magnetic Spray Gun Holder Product Specs

  • Securely holds 4 guns with cups, 7 guns without cups
  • 14 neodymium magnets molded into each large rubber base
  • Rubber coated ends prevents scratching of paint gun

Usage Recommendations

For use on paint booth walls or in the mixing room.

Multiple Magnetic Spray Gun Holder Product Videos

Incredibly strong

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