Innovative RO Holder™

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Organization is key in a high-volume auto body shop. Efficiently track all your parts carts and repair orders with the RO Holder.

Track Parts From Start to Finish

Innovative RO Holder™

Organization is key in a high-volume auto body shop. The Innovative RO Holder is a cost-effective way to boost the organization, efficiency, and profitability of your auto body repair business.  That is why the Innovative Repair Order (RO) Holder is one of the most commonly purchased accessories for our vehicle parts carts.

The Innovative RO Holder keeps your auto body shop organized and helps prevent car parts from being misplaced. The Holder’s large dry erase board allows you to clearly assign each cart to a specific repair number order, as well as a vehicle’s year and model.

Our parts management system is really pulled together by the Innovative RO Holder because it also features a clear sleeve that allows you to keep important paperwork with a vehicle parts cart. Paperwork commonly kept in the sleeve includes parts lists, estimates, and photos. Keeping this paperwork with a vehicle cart further reduces the likelihood of part misplacement or other errors during the repair process.



Auto Body Repair RO Holder Product Specs

  • Clear, two-pocket envelope organizes paperwork & keeps it with the job
  • Quickly mounts to the top of any Innovative Parts Cart
  • Acrylic dry-erase board clearly identifies each job
  • Rotates 360 degrees for maximum visibility
  • Quickly & easily detached to allow cart passage through standard door
  • 13″W x 1″D x 22″H
  • Includes: 1 acrylic board, 1 bracket, 1 clear sleeve, 1 marker
  • 3 lbs.

Usage Recommendations

Add 1 RO Holder to each of your Innovative Parts Carts

Auto Body Repair RO Holder Product Videos

Keep Your Paperwork With the Job.

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