Scangrip LED UV Curing Gun

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Extremely powerful, rechargeable LED UV Cold Curing light with long operation time designed for larger cure areas.

  • Handy & cost-reducing
  • No heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing
  • Allows curing of plastic parts or any heat sensitive material
  • Sanding and polishing can be done immediately after the curing is completed
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Fast & Cold LED UV Primer & Filler Curing Lights

Scangrip LED UV Curing Gun

We are proud to present a full range of specialized LED solutions for fast and high-quality curing of any UV cured primers and UV cured body fillers. Scangrip provides the strongest and most comprehensive range of LED work lights on the market.

UV-Gun is an extremely powerful LED work light for very fast and highly efficient UV curing of large paint repair areas. It provides long operation time and is rechargeable with exchangeable battery.

Scangrip has taken advantage of new, high performance battery technologies and invented an innovative concept of flexible and reliable power supply. Easily you can insert a new, fully charged battery and continue the work while another battery is charging.

A user-friendly battery capacity indicator keeps you informed about the remaining battery level. Featuring high-quality components and active cooling, UV-Gun has a long lifetime and keeps a high performance level throughout the daily operations. No heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing, allowing curing of plastic parts or any heat sensitive material.
The range of LED solutions for UV curing is applicable for curing of UV cured primers and UV cured body fillers and designed to handle any small or large sized paint repair work.

  • Long lifetime > 30.000 hours and low energy consumption
  • No heat generation
  • Rechargeable products with long operation time
  • Faster curing, only 1 minute through high performance



Scangrip UV Gun Product Specs

  • Product number: 03.5803US
  • Light source UV LED
  • Irradiance at 10cm, Minimum >68mW/cm2, Center 340mW/cm2
  • Irradiance at 56cm, Minimum >6mW/cm2, Center 14mW/cm2
  • UV peak wavelength 395-400 nm
  • 11.1V / 8000 mAh Li-ion
  • 40 min. operation time
  • 2 hours charging time @80%
  • IP30
  • IK07
  • 4 lbs including battery
  • 8.5″L x 3.75″W x 12″H
  • Includes SPS BATTERY 03.6004 and SPS CHARGING SYSTEM 50W 03.6007
  • Net weight 1.5 lbs

Usage Recommendations

LED UV curing up to a 26″ diameter circle at a distance of 22″ from panel.

Scangrip UV Gun Product Videos

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