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Scangrip Multimatch 3

Part #: SG-MM-3 | MSRP:


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Outstanding and powerful rechargeable work light providing up to 3000 lumen for inspection of large surfaces during polishing, painting and cleaning operations as well as for color match.

Scangrip Multimatch 3 Product Video

Scangrip Multimatch 3

The work light features the unique ALL DAYLIGHT function, providing you with the option to choose between 5 different colour temperatures. The 5-step dimmer function makes it possible to adjust the light into five different levels depending on the job at hand.


Scangrip Multimatch 3 Product Specs

Usage Recommendations

Typically one Multi-Match work light is sufficient for each work area and paint booth but you can never have too much light.

High CRI+ LED work light with exchangeable batteries

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