Mike Phillips’ Scangrip Commercial Shoot!

Detailing Legend Mike Phillips is at it again with his fervent praise of the Scangrip lighting system!

Mike Phillips’ behind-the-scenes photo from his Scangrip commercial shoot!

While shooting the second season of his show, Competition Ready, he took some time to shoot a commercial spot for the Scangrip lighting system.

He took a dark-colored American muscle car, gave it a wash, and then showcased how the Scangrip lighting system could help detailers find swirls and scratches. He placed a tape line on the hood and buffed one side, leaving the other side unbuffed to show how well the Scangrip lights can find imperfections post-buff.

As expected, his detailing job was flawless and the Scangrip lights worked perfectly! He went through each light (Multimatch, Sunmatch, and Matchpen) and showcased how well each one worked!

“What can I say? I love these lights! They do the 7 things I need,

1: Showcase swirls and scratches to my eyes so I can see the defects I need to remove.
2: Showcase swirls and scratches to video cameras to show others the before condition of the paint.
3: Showcase swirls and scratches to my digital camera (Canon T5i), so I can share the before condition of paint in my articles.
4: Inspect paint for missed wax after wiping the wax or sealant off a car.
5: Inspect paint for high spots when applying and removing a ceramic paint coating.
6: Inspect for sanding marks before machine compounding
7: Inspect for sanding marks that may have been missed after compounding

And sometimes… I use it for a flashlight!” – Mike Phillips

Check out Mike’s photos in the gallery below, or read his reviews of the Scangrip products here!

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