Jean-Claude Corcoran Reviews the Scangrip Colormatch Kit

Jean-Claude Corcoran of Detailed Designs Auto Spa as a professional detailer and self-described “car care obsessive”, Jean-Claude is very aware of what makes a good light.
He covers everything about the kit, going over everything from the case to the lights to the charging accessories. While he doesn’t mention any specs, he stresses the convenience of these lights. He prefers to use the Multimatch for the lower parts of the cars, and the Sunmatch for more mobile jobs.


Jean-Claude Corcoran of detailed designs auto spa in Atlanta, GA took the time to review the Scangrip Colormatch light kit!


He even mentions that he uses the Sunmatch for consultations with his clients and for final inspections of his work. He goes over the Matchpen light, which he also uses for on-the-go consultations. The shop takes excellent care of his lights, keeping the lights either in the case or charging.

“There’s a lot of copycats out there. It’s really better, in my opinion, that you support the ones that are innovating. If it saves you a hundred bucks…to go somewhere else, if it saves you whatever, the bottom line is that if you continue to support those other companies, you’re not going to have the ones that are actually creating the new technologies that are going to push us forward as an industry.” – Jean-Claude Corcoran

Wise words from a really excellent detailer! Thanks for the review, Jean-Claude!

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Watch the full review below!


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