Turn Off Your Booth Lights To See What You’ve Been Missing!

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Even the best booth lighting is subject to glare and color inaccuracy. It’s also difficult to illuminate lower parts of the car. The low Color Rendering Index (CRI) of most booth lights doesn’t come close to replicating sunlight.

Inspection leads to perfection! With 4000 Lumens and an ultra-high CRI of 95, the Scangrip Multimatch instantly identifies bad blends, mottling, and poor coverage so everything can be fixed before clear coat, saving you time and money!

Rubber-coated magnets allow you to reposition the lights anywhere in your booth in a matter of seconds. The quick-release bracket allows for instant handheld inspection. Preventing just one redo will pay for this lighting system!

Don’t believe us? See the results below!

Booth lights on

You get glare and shadowing that makes it difficult to identify problems.


Booth lights off, Scangrip lights on

Clean and even color-corrective lighting make it easy to identify problems before clear coat!

Clean and even color-corrective lighting make it easy to identify problems before clear coat!


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