Articulated Paint Booth Lighting
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Articulated Multimatch Paint Booth Lighting System

MSRP: $685.00 (+$30 Shipping)

Preventing just ONE RE-DO will pay for these lights!

Bring Sunshine to your spray booth


You can spray with the best paint and the best spray gun, but with bad lighting, the chance of a bad blend, poor coverage, and metallic mottling go way up!

With their ultra-high CRI of 95 and each unit having and incredible 2000 Lumens, the color-correct Articulated Multimatches illuminate large areas, making it easy to identify imperfections.

Includes 2 MultiMatch Lights: (read more)

  • Ultra high CRI COB LED
  • 95 CRI
  • 4500 KELVIN
  • 3500/1400 lux (step 1/step 2)
  • 2000/600 lumens (step 1/step 2)
  • IK07
  • IP67
  • 1.5h/6h operating time
  • 11.1V/4400mAh Li-ion
  • Charging time 3h
  • 16 foot power/charging cord

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