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Scangrip LED Color-Match Light System™

MSRP: $389.00 (+$15.00 Shipping)

Complete Color-Match System

The ScanGrip LED color-match system will save your paint & detail departments time and money by helping your team spot paint imperfections before clear coat, swirl marks, scratches & paint defects without dragging the car outside. Perfect for the collision services professional.

LED is the future of color-match lighting. Don’t be left in the dark.

Over 10,000 satisfied customers. 1-year warranty on all lights.
Get the latest LED color matching system for less than your old halogen light kit.

With Every Color Match Kit Purchased!

Complete kit containing all 3 COLOUR MATCH products:

  • Matchpen
  • Sunmach
  • Multimatch

Comes in a custom made shock resistant case.

Scangrip Color Match Brochure

“I bought my first sunmatch 1 year ago, within a week I bought two more. These lights are a no-brainer. The painters absolutely love them! They are as reliable as can be. ”

– MSO Owner, Kevin Lund, Fairway Collision.

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