Shop Tool Reviews Gives ScanGrip Lights a Glowing Review!

In one of their latest video reviews, shop tool reviews chose to highlight the Scangrip light set from innovative tools.

Tim says, “It’s about to get lit!” as he reviews the Scangrip lights


Shop Tool Reviews is an online magazine focusing on reviews of professional automotive, metalworking, and woodworking tools. Their goal is to help “mechanics, shop owners, joiners, cabinetmakers, and furniture makers make successful tool choices for their businesses.” Their reviews are written by professionals; the very people who would be looking into buying the products they are reviewing. The site is a division of Pro Tool Reviews, which caters to a broader audience.

Many reviews point out how great the Scangrip works on the exterior of cars, but these guys took it a step further. They also looked at how well the lights work for interior detailing, and were surprised at how much they were missing while using a typical LED light. They could see so much more with the Scangrip light!

In fact, in all of their comparisons to typical LED lights, the Scangrip came out on top every time!

To emphasize this point, they bring up a typical detailing situation. The car looks great in the shop under the shop or LED lighting, but once exposed to the sun outside the color is all wrong.

“Innovative Tools color match LED lights will help make sure this conundrum doesn’t happen to you again.”

Thanks for the great review, guys!


See the full Scangrip Lighting Package here!

Read the full shop tools review here!

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