Small Distributor, Huge Impact!

Mike Ricci of MJR enterprises in north providence, RI, is having a huge impact in his small market.

In just over a month, Mike sold 120 I-View Headlamps, despite his territory only covering Rhode Island, southern Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts.

When asked the secret to his success, he stated, “You can’t just show [customers] a picture, because the I-View is more than a picture.” He makes a point of showing exactly how well the I-View works in live demonstrations to his customers and even points out that they are just as useful outside the shop as they are inside the shop. Campers, hunters, anglers, even for regular home use.

“What’re you gonna do if the lights go out?…One for the shop, one for home!”


Mike Ricci with an ITT Parts Cart


For having such a small territory, Mike is one of the top salesmen for Innovative Tools products, having sold thousands of ITT racks over the years. The live demonstration tactic, as well as taking advantage of our monthly specials has helped him out-sell his competition and other distributors in larger markets.

“If all of our sales guys were as successful as Mike, [ITT] would be bigger than Apple!” – Bryan Johnson, Owner and Founder of Innovative Tools and Technologies.

He has carried Innovative Tools products for 12 years. He found them when he was looking for a bumper stand, and happened to receive an ITT mailer and he liked what he saw. Impressed by the quality and usability, he decided to add ITT products to his distribution route. Mike and his customers love how durable and user-friendly the products are.

ITT would like to sincerely thank Mike for his support and we look forward to more great things to come from our partnership!

For our Distributors; Be like Mike and use our monthly specials to your advantage! Give us a call or visit the distributor page here.


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