Don’t Stop the Shop – Load Doors By Yourself

Have you ever had to search the shop to find someone to help you load a door? See how our Innovative Door Jack allows you to load doors with only ONE tech.

Our Innovative Door Jack:

  • Allows a single auto body tech to put a door or a rear truck bumper on – without calling over another tech over for help.
  • Is rubber coated so there is never any metal on metal contact.
  • Adjusts from 7″ to 32″ from the floor so that you can line up a door to its hinge.
  • Provides the auto body industry’s only 8” front-to-back tilting adjustment.
  • Has a powder coat finish and a heavy gauge steel construction.

Our Innovative Door-Jack Option:

  • Handles huge cargo doors with ease.
  • Has rubber-coated guide arms to protect painted surfaces from damage.
  • Allows ONE TECH to install a large cargo door without help.
  • Adds uncompromised stability with its wide stance.

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