SuperStand Unboxing and Assembly Featuring Vinyl Vixen

The Innovative Tools SuperStand Bumper Stand was recently featured in the Arizona vehicle wrapping company experts Vinyl Vixen & Slim Sheddy unboxing WrapSesh video. We got to meet Vinyl Vixen and Slim Sheddy at SEMA and we’re really impressed with their vehicle wraps business.

The SuperStand is amazing for keeping your bumpers off of tables and other work areas, making your auto body shop more efficient. The Innovative SuperStand bumper repair stand boosts your profits by speeding up repair, prep, and painting times and reducing costly paint mistakes!

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below to see what WrapSesh has to say about it.

The Vinyl Vixen says, “This is awesome! You can be eye level doing all of [your wrapping]. This is secure.”

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