Protect Your Bumper – Knockoff Clamps Can’t Take the Pressure

If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! See the Innovative difference and how we provide superior quality that will save you time and money.

Some Differences to Note:

  • Packaging: Our products have form-fitted polystyrene, everything is inventory, and in perfect condition.
  • Knock offs have taken photos and text from our catalogs for their products.
  • All of our products are enclosed in boxes with our Innovative Tools name on them.
  • Wheels: Our wheels are made with heavier gauge steel, and wider wheels for spray booths that have wide grates.
  • Cross Tube: We use a thicker tube, and a welded, larger nut as opposed to the tack welds on the knockoff.
  • Clamp Arms: Even weld all across the bottom of the pin with better pressure strength!
  • Support Arms: The Innovative Arm is four inches longer than the knockoff version with wider covers.
  • Swivel Clamp: We also use high carbon, heat-treated bracket with a lockable swivel.

Check out the original, Innovative SuperStand here!

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