Don’t Break Your Back on Truck Bed Repairs

We want to get on your level with our FOUR-way adjustable Innovative Truck Bed Dolly. See how our Innovative Solution gets on your level to give you the working height you need!

  • When you’re not using your  Innovative Truck Bed Dolly you can easily tip it on end to leave a minimal footprint.
  • Our total-lock wheels to lock the wheel and the stem allows techs to hop up into the box or the side of the box without any movement.
  • To open the dolly up from storage, just pull out the pins and tip it in the upright position. Lock your T-handles into each side for support.
  • We’ve added nice rubber pads to set your truck box on and provide stability.
  • You can adjust the height and length of the dolly to get the box up to the working height you need!

This is one dynamic dolly, guaranteed. Check it out here! 

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