Mike Phillips Loves the ScanGrip LED Detailing Light!

Author of The Art of Detailing, Mike Phillips Demonstrates His ScanGrip Detailing Light


Professional Detailing Legend Mike Phillips took the time to write out a review for the Scangrip Sunmatch Color Match light. And no surprise, but it was a RAVE!

Mike Phillips is the cohost of Competition Ready on Velocity along with Adrienne “AJ” Janic and Bob McKee of Autogeek.com. It follows Mike and AJ as they go around the country and help get beautiful vintage cars ready for competitions. The show is currently filming its second season and is set to air this summer. Mike plans on featuring the SCANGRIP in the second season!


Catch Competition Ready on the Velocity channel Fridays at 7:30!


Mike has also written 5 books on the topic of auto detailing. He’s got over 30 years of auto detailing experience and has taught countless classes on the subject. This guy really knows his stuff! He writes, “I feel like a kid at Christmas getting the toy I had been hoping and wishing for all year long!”

Mike loves this light, claiming that it will make frequent appearances in his future classes and on Autogeek’s website.

“The scangrip sunmatch detailing light is not a toy. this light is very well built. [scangrip is] professional grade. it’s my new favorite swirl finder light…”
Thanks Mike for the kind words!

See Mike Phillips’ Amazing Review of the ScanGrip LED Detailing Light at

Scangrip Sunmatch Color Match Light


Want one of these amazing lights for your shop? See the whole SCANGRIP line here!

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