Customize Your Cart for Your Specific Collision Shop Needs

No two shops look the same and neither should your Parts Carts! See how our Innovative solution gives you the flexibility you deserve to create the perfect cart for your shop.

Our Parts Cart D Series is our most cost-effective Parts Cart with:

  • A center support design and three large shelves to allow you to easily put parts on and off the cart, and to hang parts off the side.
  • Trust design at the top of the shelf to prevent your boxes from sliding off as you’re wheeling the cart around the shop.
  • Six hooks to let you hang core supports, fenders, doors, and hoods all the way around the cart.
  • Four-inch total lock casters that allow you to lock the wheels to prevent the wheels from turning or swiveling.
  • Each shelf rated at 125 lbs which is more strenth than you’ll ever need for hauling car parts around!
  • A powder coat finish and a lifetime warranty!

Customizations for Your Cart: 

  • Innovative RO Holder to keep all of your paperwork – from your repair orders to your part receipts – all in one place. You can even add the job number with the dry erase that stores right along with the RO.
  • Telescopic Support Arm Set with the Innovative quick lock and slide so you can mount the arms anywhere on the cart. They are also telescopic so you can throw your bumper covers on top of your cart.
  • Innovative Hardware Tray saves a lot of time with its clear cover and grease pencil so you can label your hardware on the clear part. Stop losing nuts and bolts when you are assembling or disassembling parts.
  • Innovative Trim Molding Holder that you can add to your cart at any time!
  • Innovative Parts Pan that is great for throwing door handles, hinges, and similar parts onto the shelf.
  • Innovative Shelf Mat that prevents small parts from falling through the shelf.
  • Innovative Trim Panel Bag that hangs off the back of your cart to store and protect your trim panels.

Create the cart that your collision shop needs! Check out the Innovative Parts Cart D Series here.

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