Scangrip Sunmatch To Make TV Debut!

You might remember a few months ago when we wrote about Mike Phillips’s Great Review of the Scangrip Sunmatch.

Competition Ready airs on the Velocity Network and is hosted by Mike Phillips and AJ Jancic.

We are pleased to announce that the show Competition Ready, hosted by Mike Phillips and AJ Jancic, will be featuring the Scangrip Sunmatch light on this week’s brand new episode! The show is aired on the Velocity Network and is currently in its second season.


Competition Ready airs on the Velocity Network and is hosted by Mike Phillips and AJ Jancic


In the upcoming episode, AJ’s beloved 1968 Firebird gets an extreme makeover for a competition in Los Angeles. You’ve got three chances to catch the brand new episode this weekend:

  • Friday 5/5 at 7:30pm EST
  • Saturday 5/6 at 2:00am EST
  • Sunday 5/7 at 9:30am EST


Mike Phillips loves it, you will too!


If you don’t have the Velocity Network, the episode will be available to view online in August. In the meantime, the entire first season is already available to view online, and you can read the forum thread about the new episode on Autogeek’s website. Want to get your hands on a Sunmatch of your own? Check out this page.


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