Charley Hutton’s Color Studio Recommends Innovative Tools & Technologies, Inc.

One of Charley’s favorite tool companies is Innovative Tools & Technologies in Minnesota.


Recently, Charley demonstrated via social media the assembly of a set of four Innovative tool racks for use in his studio. The stands he refers to are the X-stand, used primarily for reassembly and body work, and the Octopus with eight movable arms, which is a utility stand used mostly for painting.

Also included are the Door Fender Stand, which holds a door and fender at the same time, and the UltraRack Charley Hutton’s Color Studio Recommends Innovative Tools & Technologies, Inc. – Innovative Tools & Technologies, Inc., which holds hoods, doors, fenders and more.
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When working with Foose design, Charley worked on his first Ridler car, the 1936 Ford “Impression.” He also worked with Rad Rides by Troy, joining Troy and his team to work on the 1936 Ford “First Love.” In 2009, Charley, along with his wife, Teri, opened Charley Hutton’s Color Studio in Nampa, ID. Charley has appeared on the automotive TV shows “Overhaulin’” and “Chasing Classic Cars.” He now makes personal appearances around the United States and around the world at automotive events.

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