Innovative Parts Cart vs Collision Services Parts Caddy Pro

Beware of cut-rate imitations!

Many have unsuccessfully tried to duplicate Innovative Tools’ products, but no one has duplicated the superior engineering and robust quality that allows us to provide the industry’s only LIFETIME WARRANTY. Let’s take a closer look at just one example.

The Parts Caddy Pro™ was made to look like the Innovative Parts Cart™. There are several key difference in quality and functionality. Innovative Parts Carts have been successfully sold on the market for over ten years. The differences are in the details.

Parts Caddy Pro shelf support arms are mass stamped out of a mild sheet metal with a linen closet style hook bracket. This is a good design for a modular linen closet system that you may adjust once or twice in a lifetime, but not on a moving parts cart where the shelves are often adjusted for each repair job. People who have had these carts have complained to us about how hard the shelves are to adjust and that the hook bracket tabs are easily bent.

All Innovative Parts Carts have a patented high carbon, heat treated steel bracket that is designed to be continually adjusted. Our patented bracket design also makes each shelf easy to adjust in just seconds. We are so confident in our patented shelf bracketing system that we can offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Watch our demonstration video online to see how easy our shelves adjust. There are no camera cuts or edits…the shelves are just that easy to adjust. Try watching a video demonstration of a Parts Caddy Pro…sorry, they do not offer one.

You’ll notice the Parts Caddy Pro™ shelves (Left) DO NOT have upper side rails. When the cart is moved, parts can slide off either shelf end and fall onto the concrete floor causing damage.

ALL Innovative Parts Carts have a 1˝ tube side-rail (Right) which prevents expensive parts from sliding off the ends of the shelf.


Parts Caddy Pro (Left) uses angle iron on all three of its cross-braces. All three cross-braces on the Innovative Parts Cart (Right) are one-inch square tubing for added strength.

Parts Caddy Pro wheels (Left) are made of a two-piece, light– gauge steel with a plastic lever and are NOT total locks. It also comes with only 2 locking casters.

Innovative Parts Carts (Right) come with 4 total-lock caster wheels. Total-lock wheels prevent the caster from rolling and from swiveling from side to side. Once the Innovative casters are locked, the cart is basically “glued” to the floor and you do not have to worry about it rolling into a customer’s vehicle. Innovative Parts Carts wheels are made of a stronger, one-piece heavy-gauge steel.

The Parts Caddy Pro Deep Shelf Option (Top) is a basic, rigid design. The inability to fold the basket increases the required nesting space.

The Innovative Parts Cart Deep Basket (Bottom) option has a flip-down front for easy loading. It also folds flat for nesting, which requires no additional storage space.

The photo at Left shows the Parts Caddy Pro in a nesting position. You can see how much extra space is needed by the rigid, non-folding basket.

The Innovative Parts Cart (Right) is shown nesting with its Deep Basket folded flat, taking up no additional space. The Innovative Parts Cart, with all options installed, will nest in half the space needed by the Parts Caddy Pro.

The Parts Caddy Pro’s padding (Left) on the panel kit is just foam rubber adhered with double-sided tape. The panel rail is 16 inches long with four post location holes.

The Innovative Panel Train pads (Right) are made of thick, firm, molded rubber attached with six machine screws. The panel rail is 20 inches long with nine post location holes and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Parts Caddy Pro Panel Kit rails (Left), when in the stored position, are held in place by wire.

The Innovative Panel Train (Right), in the stored position, is held in place by metal safety pins.

The photo on the Left shows the basket pushing against the posts while nesting, while on the right is the flat-folded Innovative Deep Basket. The posts of the Deep Basket are in perfect alignment when nested.

The differences in quality are clear, and if a picture is worth a thousand words then we’ve just about written a novel! If you would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us, or you can download our Interactive Catalog and Diagrams here.

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