Monthly Body Shop Tool Special

The One S.O.P. That Will Save Your Auto Body Shop Thousands of Dollars in Costly Rework!

Turn Off the Booth Lights and Turn On the ScanGrip MultiMatch Auto Detailing Light

Troy and Bryan from Innovative tools: We all know how important it is to have proper SOP in the collision center today. We’re doing them for blend photos. We need to do them for pre inspection before we clear that car. Bryan is going to show us the best way to use the MultiMatch LED Color Match Light in that process.

“Have your painters turn the booth lights off, turn on the multi match, this is the only light like it in the market.”

The MultiMatch Puts off 2000 lumens of pure, color-corrective light. Bad blends, poor coverage, modeling, all of the imperfections are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Get those corrected before you clear coat! This light is going to save you thousands of dollars. Preventing just one redo and this light has paid for itself.

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