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Habits of Efficiency in Your Collision Repair Shop

Body Shop Business attempts to break down some of the worst time-sucking habits that eat away at auto body shop profits. In this article by Carl Wilson, a 30 year car painting veteran, we get a chance to look at our habits from a different perspective. Carl touches on communication, shop organization, planning, over-production issues […]

Turn Off Your Booth Lights to See What You’ve Been Missing!

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Even the best booth lighting is subject to glare and color inaccuracy. It’s also difficult to illuminate lower parts of the car. The low Color Rendering Index (CRI) of most booth lights doesn’t come close to replicating sunlight. Inspection leads to perfection! With 4000 Lumens and an ultra-high […]

Mike Phillips’ Scangrip Commercial Shoot!

Detailing Legend Mike Phillips is at it again with his fervent praise of the Scangrip lighting system! While shooting the second season of his show, Competition Ready, he took some time to shoot a commercial spot for the Scangrip lighting system. He took a dark-colored American muscle car, gave it a wash, and then showcased […]

Jean-Claude Corcoran Reviews the Scangrip Colormatch Kit

Jean-Claude Corcoran of Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Atlanta, GA took the time to review the Scangrip Colormatch Light kit! As a professional detailer and self-described “car care obsessive”, Jean-Claude is very aware of what makes a good light. He covers everything about the kit, going over everything from the case to the lights to […]

Collision Hub Loves the I-View Headlamp

As a part of their “Cool Tools” video series, Collision Hub reviewed the Scangrip I-View Headlamp. And, no surprises here, they were super impressed! Collision Hub is,”the premier news, events, information, DIY, education and celebrity video site for the automotive repair and refinish industry.” They publish videos on their Youtube channel, which has almost 10,000 […]

Scangrip Sunmatch to Make TV Debut!

You might remember a few months ago when we wrote about Mike Phillips’s great review of the Scangrip Sunmatch. We are pleased to announce that the show Competition Ready, hosted by Mike Phillips and AJ Jancic, will be featuring the Scangrip Sunmatch light on this week’s brand new episode! The show is aired on the […]

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